Boutique 44 Turns 3!

This past weekend was our 3rd Birthday! It may be our first year here in Bel Air, but we’ve been in business for 3 years. It seems like just yesterday we were getting the keys to our first shop at Wyndhurst Station and tackling the market in NYC all alone for the very first time. Here’s a little note from Amanda about the past 3 years:


To Our Customers:
Thank you for befriending us, shopping with us, and trusting our style advice. When you show me a photo of yourself wearing Boutique 44 for Preakness, your family photos, a baptism, a wedding, or your maternity photoshoot, it brings me so much joy. It's an incredible feeling when I see one of you at La Tolteca on a Saturday night, rocking the fringe denim capris or at Independent Brewery wearing a Boutique 44 top. I love when you message me on instagram to ask about an earring and then we spend 30 minutes chatting via text comparing the sizing & style of all the other colors. To those of you who make the trip up from Baltimore or go out of your way to stop in while heading up North, I truly appreciate it! You are what makes Boutique 44 so amazing. We wouldn't be who we are without you. Thank you for making us a part of your day. We cannot wait to keep styling you for life's little moments. Your moments have made my dreams come true."

Our story is evolving.
"It’s always kind of odd when you think back on events that sent you to a certain place or how you came to be where you are now. I started this business in a 1000 square foot shop off the beaten track in the heart of Roland Park, Baltimore manned with only myself and an intern. Two days before opening, the parking lot flooded and totaled both of our cars! Yikes! Our Baltimore customers embraced this little shop and I was able to thrive at Wyndhurst for a year. At our 1 year mark, I decided to close our doors in search of our forever home (much closer to my actual home) in downtown Bel Air. I had been driving the 45min plus commute and wanted to have time to start a family, etc. It didn’t make sense to be so far from home. In the Summer of 2018 (a couple weeks before my wedding) I fell in love with our Bel Air storefront in The Hamilton Building on Bond Street. I signed the papers, walked down the aisle, and immediately started working on transforming our space. As it turns out, Mr. Hamilton (owner of the Bel Air bakery) had called me when I first opened in Roland Park to see if I would ever consider moving my location to Bel Air. Now, here I stood in his shopping center trying to figure out how I was going to fill up those huge windows. It seemed like fate.

Today, I am so proud to say that I have outgrown the one-woman show. I have the support of an amazing team of several inspiring women. As most of you know, my husband and I are expecting our first child this September! Had we not been blessed with this little babe, I would not have been forced to slow down and recruit a team to help me run the store. The talent and passion that these ladies have shown while I’ve been out sick or away has been truly incredible. In the short time that they have been a part of our family, they have gone above and beyond for Boutique 44. It is rare to find people who care about a business enough to treat it like their own. I am certain that with this passion, they will give you the customer experience that you have come to love and appreciate. I am confident that our team will be there for you while I’m out on maternity leave. Don’t worry — I’ll still be here, but a little more behind the scenes than usual. It's funny how life comes full circle -- one of those key employees is actually my first intern's mom. Luckily she wasn't too upset about the car. ;)

— Amanda Gill

Founder, CEO

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