Meet Our Intern: Ryan Collier


Hey, ladies. My name is Ryan Collier, a 21-year-old fashion-merchandising student, from Pasadena, California. If you are wondering why I love fashion, wonder no more because I will tell you! Growing up I always loved the fashion on TV, and quite honestly, fashion was the only reason I watched TV. If a character did not change their outfit at least five times then I declared the show was no good, and after examining my behavior, that is when I discovered I loved fashion! My personal style has definitely evolved and I have no doubt that it will continue to, but for now, I am a minimalist. I love basic silhouettes, that I can layer, and small dainty accessories. Since I have been interning for Boutique 44 I have gotten to experience so many cool items, my favorite is the Sadie Slouch Dress in black. The dress is simple and quick, perfect for a go, go, go lifestyle, which pretty much sums me up!


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